Souful Delights


BRanding & Webdesign & Social Media

Soulful Delights

Soulful Delights is an exclusive boudoir photography studio that encourages women to celebrate their unique beauty and sensuality through artistic, intimate portraits.

The following was implemented by HBC:

  • Full Branding: A visual identity that radiates elegance, trust, and self-empowerment.
  • Web design: A digital boudoir that conveys a sense of security through gentle animations and intuitive guidance.
  • Social Media Templates: Customized templates that transfer the artistic vision to Instagram, Facebook & Co.
  • Consulting & Strategy: Deep understanding of the target audience for an authentic, empathetic marketing strategy.


Sandra Gehmair

“Melanie not only understood my vision for Soulful Delights but brought it to life through her comprehensive service package:

With a fine sense, she developed a visual identity and a digital boudoir that exude elegance and trust. Every element reflects the transformative experience I offer.

Her templates and expertise helped me translate my vision online and develop a marketing strategy that authentically addresses the needs of my clients.

The result? An online presence that creates a deep connection. Melanie was more than a designer – a true partner in my mission.”

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The face behind the brand

Who is behind High Brand Club?

As a surfer, freediver, and aquatic bodyworker, the essence of the ocean flows powerfully through me—multifaceted, adaptable, and ever-transforming. This oceanic energy accompanies my lifelong fascination with design, aesthetics, and the forms of nature. I’m Melli, born in the mountains of Munich, now calling Indonesia home. 

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