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Mystic Witch

Mystic Witch is the spiritual oasis of Harmony Rose, a wise mentor who, amidst the powerful energy of Sedona, Arizona, accompanies people on their journey to inner harmony. Through profound retreats and spiritual services, she helps rediscover sacred femininity in a world of imbalance.

The following was implemented by HBC:

  • Online Magazine E-Book Template: The monthly e-magazine exudes a high-brand look despite using Canva. The challenge of creating an exclusive aesthetic in a widely used tool was mastered through strategic design.
  • Easy Application: Pre-made layouts, style-consistent image frames, and matching color palettes in Canva enable easy monthly updates without compromising the premium impression.


Harmony Rose

“Her intuition and ability to tap into the feeling of my unique vision without me having a clear direction going in, like I want a, b, and c. She asked, a few very simple questions. I sent over some pictures and some content as far as words, and she just took it and created I believe it was 16 pages or more of a template that I can plug in different, different content, different copy that will be able to change, as I launch this magazine. And her vision and being able to sync with my vision intuitively like the design was beautiful.

She made it so easy, gave me so much great instruction on how to be able to put things in, take them out, change it. She gave me options, so I wasn’t just stuck to using one format or one page. And I really loved how prompt she was and how quick she was. I gave her well over a month to complete the project, and I believe it was completed within maybe 2 weeks.

It was so fast, so easy, and I can tell you in the past I’ve hired people to do things and it has been a complete mess. So it was really refreshing to work with Melanie. I’m in the United States, and she’s over in Bali, and it was just so seamless, the entire process.

I cannot recommend her enough for her online content creation. It is absolutely beautiful, and she is so professional and lovely to work with and goes above and beyond.”

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As a surfer, freediver, and aquatic bodyworker, the essence of the ocean flows powerfully through me—multifaceted, adaptable, and ever-transforming. This oceanic energy accompanies my lifelong fascination with design, aesthetics, and the forms of nature. I’m Melli, born in the mountains of Munich, now calling Indonesia home. 

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