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Here’s the English translation:

Bahalo is the Balinese quintessence of sustainable boho elegance inspired by nature. Spun from recycled plastic waste, each thread captures the energy of the tropical island and transforms it into sensual, airy pieces.

The following was implemented by HBC:

  • Holistic branding: A visual identity that embodies Bahalo’s connection to nature and timeless bohemian aesthetics.
  • Web design: A digital island oasis with flowing animations and intuitive user guidance for an atmospheric shopping experience.
  • Custom templates for Instagram, Pinterest & Co., to convey Bahalo’s natural lightness on social media.
  • Strategy & consulting: Deep understanding of the target audience for an authentic, sustainable marketing strategy in harmony with Bahalo’s values.

The face behind the brand

Who is behind High Brand Club?

As a surfer, freediver, and aquatic bodyworker, the essence of the ocean flows powerfully through me—multifaceted, adaptable, and ever-transforming. This oceanic energy accompanies my lifelong fascination with design, aesthetics, and the forms of nature. I’m Melli, born in the mountains of Munich, now calling Indonesia home. 

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