About Melli

As a surfer, freediver, and aquatic bodyworker, the essence of the ocean flows powerfully through me—multifaceted, adaptable, and ever-transforming. This oceanic energy has accompanied my lifelong fascination with design, aesthetics, and the forms of nature.

As a versatile graphic designer and communications expert, I bring an unbeatable combination of diverse digital world expertise. My designs are like ocean currents—sometimes gently flowing, sometimes powerfully shaping. I create striking brandings and thoughtful web designs that authentically reflect your values and transform your brand into something unmistakable and irresistible.

With over 9 years of experience in design, corporate communications, and marketing, I bring a strategic background that sets me apart from traditional designers. I not only design but also shape the narrative structure and positioning—the foundation upon which your visual identity is powerfully built.

4 in 1

I combine design, project management, online marketing, and strategic background to deliver a unique result.


I bring years of experience working in large corporations, agencies, and as a freelancer for inspiring clients.


Based in Bali, your projects are completed before you wake up. The advantage of this time zone makes you faster than anyone else.


My goal is to create designs that captivate you, allowing your brand to shine in full bloom and grow sustainably with you.

A glimpse into my journey


Communication is everything

In the corporate world of Munich, following my master’s degree, I learned how communication builds bridges and moves people. I worked closely with executives, designing strategies and witnessing how ideas transformed into tangible successes—a time full of challenges but also valuable lessons.


Change requires courage

With the last flight out, just hours before the Covid borders closed, I landed in Bali. Here, far from the familiar, I discovered my passion for unique web design and helped businesses shine online. After working as a team and creative leader and project manager in agencies and companies, my focus today is on high-class aesthetic brandings and web designs.


Giving back & cancing in water

Now is the time to share what I have learned. Everyone should have the chance to present their dreams in the best light—with high brand designs that come from the heart. In parallel, with my second venture as a Healing Dance Practitioner, I offer people the opportunity to dissolve somatic blockages in water through this form of Water Shiatsu, allowing them to literally dive into new dimensions.

… to be continued

Let’s bring your dreams to life together

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